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You demanded, and we've risen to the challenge! When it comes to the peak of excellence and superior class in e-biking, the Rambo Venom stands unrivalled. Crafted for navigating the most "Extreme Terrains", it embodies the pinnacle of engineering, harnessing top-tier components to fuel your adventurous pursuits.At the heart of the Venom is the German-engineered Rohloff hub, a masterpiece in gear systems, functioning as a seamless transmission for your E-Bike.


This robust 14-speed hub grants an astonishing 526% gear range, empowering you to conquer the steepest terrains with unparalleled ease. Say goodbye to the conventional cassette and derailleur system, as this innovative hub minimizes maintenance and elevates rider confidence with its internal components, leaving no external parts to succumb to wear and tear. Whether tackling mountains, muddy tracks, tall grass, or harvested corn fields, the Rohloff hub stands as your reliable companion. Discover more about the unparalleled capabilities of the Rohloff hub here.Powering the Venom is the premium Bafang M620, the crown jewel of Bafang's ULTRA mid-drive torque sensing motors, epitomizing intelligent motor technology. This "smart motor" harmonizes with your cycling rhythm, with integrated speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors facilitating a continuous dialogue between the rider and the motor, thereby delivering the precise power needed, moment by moment.


Dominating with a colossal 160NM of torque and a peak output of 1500 watts, the M620 offers customizable settings to adhere to any E-Bike classification, ensuring compliance with all three e-bike legislative categories.Designed to support such immense power, the Venom boasts an industry-leading robust frame, specifically crafted to house the potent LG 17ah long-range battery, with provisions to accommodate an additional battery, extending your adventures beyond the usual limits. This revolutionary feature endows riders with an extraordinary range of up to 55 miles on a single charge.


Remember, the efficacy of an E-Bike is intricately linked to the quality of its battery - don't compromise with lesser brands.Our Venom materialized from an unwavering commitment to producing a highly reliable and enduring E-Bike that knows no bounds. The meticulous efforts of the Rambo Design Team are evident in every facet of the Venom, scrutinizing every component, from the treads upwards. The symbiosis of Rohloff technology with one of the most potent motors available birthed a vehicle of unmatched prowess. Further augmented by industry-leading suspension, an exceptional braking system, and extensive battery capacity, the Venom emerges as the epitome of E-Bike excellence, ready to dominate any extreme condition thrown its way.


With Rambo, Quality is not an Option, It's a Guarantee!

The Venom - Rambo Electric Bike

$8,299.99 Regular Price
$5,999.99Sale Price
Bike Color: Timber
    • Motor M620:

      • Smart Torque Sensing Technology: Automatically adjusts power output according to the rider's pedaling intensity.
      • Versatility in Power Output: Toggle between 750W and 1000W continuous power, with a peak output of 1500W.
      • Compliant with All E-Bike Classifications: Can be configured to adhere to all three classifications of e-bike laws.
    • Performance:

      • Torque: Offers a substantial 160NM of torque.
      • Peak Wattage: Delivers a peak output of 1500 watts.
    • Battery:

      • Capacity: Houses a 48V 17ah battery equipped with high-quality LG cells.
      • Dual Battery Compatibility: Allows the integration of a second battery to extend the range.
    • Range: Up to 55 miles on a single charge.

    • Speed: Adjustable speed settings with a maximum limit of up to 35mph.

    • Display:

      • High-Resolution Display: Features a fully integrated, full-color digital LCD display that is waterproof.
      • Dimensions: 4” x 2.5”.
    • Braking System:

      • Front Brake: Equipped with an extreme duty 203mm 4-piston hydraulic brake featuring an electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
      • Rear Brake: Features a 180mm 4-piston hydraulic brake with integrated electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
    • Suspension: GT MRK 860 air inverted fork offering 150mm of travel to provide exceptional off-road support.

    • Frame: Constructed with high-grade aluminum alloy 6061, ensuring durability and lightweight performance.

    • Throttle: Features a removable left thumb throttle for convenient control.

    • Gear System: German-engineered Rohloff E-14 (500/14) speed hub that offers a 526% gear range, facilitating extreme hill-climbing power.

    • Tires: Equipped with rugged Maxxis Minion FBF/FBR 26” x 4.8” tires, featuring deep treads for optimal traction in extreme terrains.

    • Load Capacity: Can support a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs.

    • Rim: Double-wall aluminum alloy rims designed to prevent damage during off-road and rough trail adventures.

    • Chain: Custom-built for extreme performance, specially crafted to withstand the high power output of e-bikes.

    • Weight:

    • Bike Weight: 71 lbs with the battery removed.
    • Battery Weight: The battery itself weighs 10 lbs.
    • Motor M620:The ULTRA Drive smart torque sensing motor, powered by Bafang, is capable of falling under all 3 Classifications of eBike laws. Switch between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts with a max power output of 1,500 watts. 
    • Performance: 160NM of Torque/ 1500 Peak Wattage Output
    • Battery: 48v 17ah with LG cells - *Dual Battery Compatible*
    • Range: Up to 55 Miles.
    • Speed: Adjustable up to 35mph
    • Display: Full Color & Fully Integrated Digital Waterproof LCD Display. 4”x2.5”
    • Front Brake: Extreme Duty 203mm 4 Piston Hydraulic with integrated electric safety cutoff electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
    • Rear Brake: Extreme Duty 180mm 4 Piston Hydraulic with integrated electric safety cutoff electric safety cutoff and special noise reduction pad.
    • Suspension: GT MRK 860 air Inverted fork with a massive 150mm of travel for offroad support.
    • Frame: High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061
    • Throttle: Removable Left Thumb Throttle
    • Gear System: German Engineered Rohloff E-14 (500/14) Speed Hub with 526% gear range for extreme hill climbing power.
    • Tires: Rugged Terrain Capable Maxxis Minion FBF/FBR 26” x 4.8” with extra deep tread for extreme terrain and traction.
    • Load Capacity:300 lbs
    • Rim: Extreme Strength Double Wall Aluminum Alloy to prevent rim damage during offroad and rough trail terrain.
    • Chain: Extreme Performance Custom Built. Specially made for high performance E-Bike power.
    • Weight: 71lbs with battery removed. Battery weight 10lbs.
    • Model: 1000 XPR
Designed for the Adventurous Spirit. Discover uncharted terrains with unmatched power and performance.
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