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Discover the unrivaled blend of accessibility and rugged durability with the Rambo Rooster 2.0 E-Bike. Tailored for enthusiasts seeking a compact frame without compromising on the quintessential Rambo toughness, this e-bike merges affordability with functionality effortlessly.


At the heart of the Rooster 2.0 lies the innovative dual battery technology, offering an optional extension of your adventures! Seamlessly transitioning to the auxiliary battery once the primary one is depleted, it guarantees an exhilarating ride spanning up to 110 miles when both the 48V LG15Ah and the additional 48V LG14Ah batteries are in play (refer to the range chart below for further details). The detachable feature of the battery ensures convenience, facilitating indoor charging or a swift battery swap on the go. Entrust your journey to the reliability of the renowned LG battery brand, steering clear of the pitfalls of off-brand alternatives.


Constructed with a robust frame that accommodates up to 300 pounds, the Rooster 2.0 stands as a beacon of strength and versatility, catering to a diverse range of riders and cargo needs. Its low-step frame design, harmoniously integrated with a concealed yet accessible battery unit, promises an uncomplicated mount and dismount experience.


Propelling this powerhouse is a 750-watt Bafang hub motor, a titan in its class, surpassing competitors with an unparalleled torque of 80Nm, courtesy of a unique 5:1 reducing ratio. This stark contrast to other e-bikes which, despite boasting a 1000W motor, can only muster 55Nm of torque, sets a new benchmark in climbing prowess, where torque reigns supreme over wattage.


The Rooster 2.0 embellishes your ride with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, offering dynamic adaptability to varying terrains with fluid pedal-power modulation. Paired with a responsive suspension fork, it guarantees a ride that is as smooth as it is exhilarating, cushioning bumps and uneven surfaces with grace. Safety remains a cornerstone of the Rooster 2.0, furnished with Logan hydraulic brakes for superior stopping control and integrated high-strength metal mudguards to shield you from splashes and debris.


Experience nocturnal expeditions with a heightened sense of safety, thanks to the luminous LED head and taillights that punctuate the darkness with vivid illumination. The Rooster 2.0 serves as a versatile canvas for an array of accessories, including cargo boxes, coolers, and bags, with the optional XL rear rack. The onboard LCD digital display keeps you informed of your speed, battery status, and distance covered, offering customizable pedal assist levels that range from a gentle boost to a spirited surge.


Choose the Rambo Rooster 2.0 E-Bike for a symphony of speed, power, and aesthetic appeal, bridging the gap between daily commuting and spirited outdoor adventures. Its agility and comfort pave the way for a seamless transition between urban landscapes and the gentle beckoning of the wild terrains.

The Rooster 2.0 - Rambo Electric Bike

Bike Color
    • Motor: Bafang G060 with integrated speed sensor
    • Performance: Peak Rating 1000W, 80nm of Torque, nominal power of 750W
    • Battery: 48v 15ah 672WH with LG branded cells
    • Range: Up to 57 Miles on a single battery and up to 110 Miles using the dual battery technology!  See range explained below
    • Speed: Up to 20mph
    • Display: Fully Integrated Digital Waterproof 4”x2.5” LCD Display.
    • Front Brake: 180mm Logan Hydraulic with dual piston pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
    • Rear Brake: 180mm Logan Hydraulic with dual piston pads and integrated electric safety cutoff
    • Suspension: GTMRK Suspension with 90mm of travel
    • Tires: All Terrain Capable Kenda Booster 20”x 3.3” Tire with Anti Puncture Technology
    • Frame:High Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • Throttle:Removable Left Thumb Throttle
    • Gear System:Shimano Altus 7 Speed System
    • Load Capacity:300 lbs
    • Rim: Extreme Strength Double Wall Aluminum Alloy to prevent rim damage during offroad and rough trail terrain
    • Weight: 57lbs with battery removed. Battery weight 10lbs.
    • Model: Rooster 2.0 (750R ST-B, 750R ST-W, 750R ST-BL)
  • The Rooster 2.0 features dual battery technology as an option for extreme range, up to 110 Miles! The Rambo Rooster 2.0 E-Bike is powered by a 750-watt Bafang hub motor that delivers impressive speed and power considering it uses a Hub motor. The Rooster motor however is specially designed to still give you more torque than its hub motor competition and uses a reducing ratio of 5:1 that gives you 80Nm of torque. Designed with the rider’s comfort and safety in mind, paired with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, and a bright integrated LED headlight – brings you the ultimate ebike for all riding conditions!

Designed for the Adventurous Spirit. Discover uncharted terrains with unmatched power and performance.
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