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Step Up Your Ride with the Enhanced Cardo Freecom 2X Headset

Embark on an unparalleled auditory journey with the all-new Cardo Freecom 2X Headset, the advanced successor to the highly acclaimed Freecom 2+. Crafted with innovation and precision, this upgraded version comes equipped with a wealth of features that redefine motorcycle communication and entertainment. Experience a seamless integration of technology and convenience as you ride, making every journey a memorable adventure.


Enhanced Audio Experience with JBL Speakers

At the core of the Freecom 2X lies the powerful 40mm JBL speakers, providing a dynamic and immersive audio experience. Whether it's crisp intercom communication or vibrant music playback, the rich sound quality will elevate your riding experience to new heights.


Stay Connected with State-of-the-Art Connectivity Options

Empowered with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the Freecom 2X ensures you stay connected with fluidity and ease. Its dual Bluetooth channels offer seamless connection to your phone and GPS devices, allowing for uninterrupted communication and navigation throughout your journey.


Superior Intercom Functionality

Offering a comprehensive intercom feature, the Freecom 2X facilitates smooth communication between rider and passenger, or between two riders, covering a range of up to 0.5 miles (800m). Additionally, the live Bluetooth intercom comes with an auto-reconnect feature, making sure you are always in touch, without any hassles.


Intuitive Control and Universal Compatibility

Navigate your headset functionalities with ease, thanks to the user-friendly control wheel and multilingual status announcements. Moreover, universal connectivity ensures compatibility with other Bluetooth intercom devices, providing flexibility and versatility on the go.


Built to Last in All Weather Conditions

Fear no weather, as the Freecom 2X boasts a waterproof design, guaranteeing performance in rain or shine. Its robust build ensures durability, accompanying you on many adventures to come.


Key Features:

  • Exceptional audio quality with 40mm JBL speakers
  • Dual Bluetooth channels for simultaneous phone and GPS connections
  • Hands-free phone functionalities including speed dial and call conferencing
  • Automatic Volume Control for a consistent audio environment
  • Cardo Connect app compatibility, allowing for easy customization via iOS and Android devices
  • Over-the-Air software updates for staying abreast with the latest enhancements
  • Robust battery life with up to 13 hours of talk time and 10 days standby
  • Fast charging capabilities: 2 hours of talk time on a brisk 20-minute charge
  • In-built FM radio with RDS to keep you entertained and informed
  • Universal connectivity for a versatile communication experience


Make your rides more enjoyable and connected with the Cardo Freecom 2X Headset, your trusted companion on the road.

Freecom 2x 2-Pack Duo - Cardo Communication Systems

    • 40mm JBL Speakers for premium sound quality.
    • Latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for seamless device pairing.
    • Intercom functionality with a range of up to 0.5 miles (800m), facilitating rider to passenger or rider to rider communication.
    • Dual Bluetooth channels, enabling connection with phone and GPS devices simultaneously.
    • Automatic Volume Control, adjusting sound levels according to the external noise.
    • Hands-free phone features including make/receive/reject calls, speed dial, and conference call with intercom.
    • Cardo Connect App compatibility for easy customization and control through iOS and Android devices.
    • Over-the-Air software updates, keeping your device up-to-date with the latest features.
    • Waterproof design, ensuring durability and functionality in all weather conditions.
    • Extended battery life with up to 13 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time.
    • Fast charging capability, offering 2 hours of talk time after just a 20-minute charge.
    • Built-in FM radio with RDS for on-the-go entertainment and news.
    • Universal connectivity, allowing integration with other Bluetooth intercom devices.
    • User-friendly control wheel for easy navigation and control.
    • Multilingual status announcements providing real-time updates and notifications.
Designed for the Adventurous Spirit. Discover uncharted terrains with unmatched power and performance.
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