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The real project has begun! Kicker amp and Sub, 5150 Whip Lights, and the Six Shooter Controller.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

It's been a busy few weeks with the project Pro XP4. Lets start off with one of my favorite accessories to add to any UTV, the audio! After years of riding UTVs one thing that I have found to make the user experience magnified is the addition of a high quality audio system! The first few UTVs I owned were very mild and sometimes had me wishing I was riding my atv that required more rider input to keep the ride exciting. As the UTV's performance increased over the years it did become more exciting but it required the right terrain and a heavy right foot to keep me interested. A few years ago I finally broke down and spent the money on a Stage 5 Audio system! This added so much enjoyment to the ride that my passengers as well as myself were totally content on a easy fire road so long as the tunes were cranked! From that point on it was clear that the audio system is a key part of any new ride! It becomes a rolling rock concert that's hard to beat!!

The Pro XP has holes set up for whip mounts however the 5150 whips use an oversized magnetic base. As you can see we had a little work to enlarge the openings.

Mason worked on getting that shifter out of the way so the center console could come apart.

The Six Shooter Trigger system is an very simple and amazing unit. I will touch on its capabilities, however you will hear more about this in the future!

This gadget allows you to control up to 6 devices such as lights, whips or any thing else you need to operate. It has an app that allows your phone or tablet to connect and have virtual switches for each devise. It also has a 6 button switch block that can be mounted anywhere on your UTV and operates just like a dash switch would. This is a great way to have minimal wires under the dash as no switches need to be wired! Keep checking in as we make progress on our Pro XP build!

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